Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meg hasn't said anything...

Susan has inspired me to write even if I don't have much to say.

I have tried a number of times in the last 15 years, to resurrect my regular journal writing using pen and paper. Afterall, I was for many years a regular writer, doodler, ponderer...and I enjoyed it as an escape and a place to think. I'd say that I stopped writing when I got married. John read my journals, and that sort of ruined it for me. Not that there was so much that I didn't want him to read, just that I didn't write it FOR him and he seemed to think that I did. And he read it as literal, every time, and as very black and white. Naturally, I was just sort of 'thinking out loud' with every option to change my mind at any time. But it just spoiled the experience for me, to have him read it. And if I asked him not to, he further believed that there was something there that I was keeping from him.

I think that now, he would be less inclined to HAVE to read it...he trusts me more today. But I have lost the discipline to do it. Which is the same problem I'm having with this blog...lack of discipline. Anyway, I read Susan's blog today about how she felt about the weather yesterday and I completely related to was the sort of day when any human alive had to open the blinds, turn on the music, climb a tree, just be outside.

I used the day to take the boys to the Seattle Center and just BE OUTSIDE. It was pure joy. I loved watching the kids (mine and others) frolic in the international fountain. I especially enjoyed the music the fountain was set to...great steel drums and that sort of thing. Little tiny kids running barefoot through and around the fountain, tempting the individual spouts to squirt them straight to the sky with no warning. It was a little chilly for this activity, but it didn't matter. It was pure joy.

I didn't climb any trees but I watched Jackson do it and from far away, it looked like he might be up in the tree singing. I heard that when children spontaneously sing, it is an indication that they are truly happy. Mmmm...that makes me truly happy.

ok, I'm going to try to write more. And it is ok that no one is reading what I'm writing. It's not for anyone else, afterall. But, I don't remember where I have promoted this blog and I hope that complete strangers aren't finding it... or maybe, it's good if they are and I never know it. Whatever. No deep thoughts here.

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Kelly said...

I am glad I found your blog again. our computer crashed and I am still trying to find my links. How is the run/walk going (or went?) We are all adjusting to no school. I should say that I am adjusting. The kids love it.
Hope to hear from you soon,