Friday, November 9, 2007

Will I always remember my Original Blog Entry??

Ok, I'm getting with it, folks. Some have said they can't believe I'm not already a blogger. Afterall, I have so much to say and it has never mattered to me much whether anyone was really listening... I remember my first grade report card... but I digress.

I wonder if in a year or so I will look back on this Original Blog Entry (and it will surely be known as my OBE) and wish I could just make it disappear. How juvenile! How naive! How shallow!

My biggest challenge (besides figuring out how this whole world works) is deciding whether I should create a personal and a professional blog...and keep them separate. Or, should I be completely transparent in every way and show the world who the real MegSaid really is!? I'll have to see how this thing evolves... next challenge: how to upload photos. I am smart enough...I can do this.

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