Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011: a year to simplify

I was tempted to give this post the title, "2011: a year to simplify, purge, de-clutter and let go" but then I realized that title was seriously redundant.  So...I simplified. 

This will be my theme for 2011. Cary Natiello asked me why I was wearing a necklace the other day with the word "simplify" on it.  He said he didn't see the connection to me.  Huh?  Doesn't everyone know I really like simplicity, and try to remove what isn't necessary around me?  NO?!  Of course not. Look around my office, my house, my closets, my purse - you'd never come to the conclusion that I believe less is more, in spite of the fact that I really, truly do.  I love eye-candy, that I'll admit.  I'll never be one to live in a home that is grey and white and clean and sterile.  But I really have grown to hate the junk that piles up on counter tops and book shelves and bottoms of closets.  It's cluttering my mind. 

So, 2011 is about de-cluttering.  I'm going to set up a monthly theme to help me achieve my goal of removing from my life all things that aren't either 1) beautiful or 2) useful.  I've been doing some reading and research, naturally, and there are lots of folks who have already done this and have wisdom to share.  They recommend breaking the process down into smaller parts because if you're like me, you've accumulated so much crap you're really drowning in it all, and that in itself is overwhelming and immobilizing, and it's a self-perpetuating problem. 

I'm going to chronicle my simplicity journey to hold myself accountable.  I'll take a few pictures of some choice areas of my home that need to be tackled, and I'll post them here.  Nothing like some embarrassing pictures posted for all to see to motivate me to take action. 

I welcome you to join me, if you dare.  Post your pictures, too, and we'll keep one another on task.

Watch for pictures coming soon! 

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