Thursday, December 30, 2010

Evidence of my clutter problem

Ok, I promised pictures so here they are... Honestly, it's embarrassing. 

I think the problem stems from a couple of things:
1)  A definition of what has value, and therefore, what must not be thrown or given away
2)  A sense of obligation to keep things that hold memories for ourselves, or worse, for others and not ourselves (e.g., an old picnic basket with a broken handle.  I've never used it, have no memories associated with it, but recognize it as something that was special to someone who was special to me, therefore have not been able to get rid of it.)
3)  Not taking the time in the moment to make a decision about something.  The old, "I'll deal with this tomorrow..." problem I share with Scarlet.
4)  Not scrutinizing the item:  Do I love it?  Will it bring value and purpose to my life?  Will I lose something by giving it away or giving it up? Would someone else benefit from or enjoy it more?   

So, here are a few choice photos to give you an idea what I'm dealing with... I've already starting the purging process so I will have a couple of "after" pictures to post by the end of this weekend. I've made 2 trips to Salvation Army, put 15 items on the porch for Freecyle pick-ups, posted one thing on Craigslist (hate that process, not doing that anymore!), and have filled four trash bags. 

Here is the laundry room and "back room" where the boiler and water heater are...


And here's a fun contest:  who can guess how many Easter baskets I took to Salvation Army today?  :) 

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