Thursday, December 30, 2010

Evidence that I don't actually have a hoarding problem

And here are my first "After" pictures...
(See, it was a CLUTTER problem, not a HOARDING problem!)  :)

Back room shelves (I know this doesn't look much different but I promise, it is!!)

Shelves in the back room (anyone need those wine glasses?!) Also, Susan, you need to come and get those blue plates.)

In the back room

Above the washing machine

Over the washer and dryer (it actually looks a little sparse, doesn't it?)   See my cute piggy bank for change found in the laundry?  And the basket for other items found in pockets, etc.? Clever, huh?  :)                

Above the spare refrigerator in the back room
I hope you can see from these pictures how busy I've been this week.  You can't even see the rest of that back room where there is now a visible floor and spare shelves over to the right and below. 

Next "zone":  Art space.  Here's a preview photo of Art Space "before": 

Oh, and thanks to everyone who guessed how many Easter baskets I donated to Salvation Army today.  The correct answer was 12!  It would have been 13 but I had to keep one because it was John's AND his mother's childhood Easter basket... sheesh, talk about sentimental.  Some people can't throw anything away!

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